Vendor Registration Form

If you would like to reserve a space at our event, please print this form, complete the requested information, and send it to us.
Complete instructions are at the bottom of the page. Thanks for your interest!

Registration Information

First Name:

Last Name:

Phone Number:

E-Mail Address:

Preferred Method of Contact (phone, e-mail, or US postal mail):

Mailing Address:

Business Name:

WY Sales Tax License #, if applicable:

RID #:

Description of items to be sold:

For Returning Vendors:
Do you have a preference for you booth's location?

Do you need electricity at your location?
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Does your booth have any special needs/requests?

Are you interested in a box lunch?
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8x4 space is available at $25
Number of 8-foot spaces:
8x4 tables can be rented for $5
Number of tables required:

Total Enclosed: $

Currently, we can only accept payments by check.
Please print this form, complete the information and enclose a check payable to "Christmas In Centennial",
and mail with this form to:

Allison Pluda
Box 107
Centennial, WY 82055
(307) 298-0462

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